Purple onion from Zalla

Zalla’s so-called purple onion is known for its magnificent properties –it’s sweet, not very spicy and certainly juicy– and for having won many international awards. It makes a good example of Enkarterri’s gastronomic diversity, as it has been mentioned and praised by Slow Food, an international movement aimed at preserving good taste and tradition.  It is perfect to be served with a wide variety of dishes: salads and soups, avant-garde recipes or typical Basque dishes.

Zalla’s purple onion is harvested in July and August by farmers who farmers who keep traditional production alive.


Purple onion from Zalla

Producer: Ana Mari Llaguno.

Characteristics: Sweet, tasty and juicy. Not spicy. It's easy to preserve and highly recommended for salads and stews. It boasts the Slow Food seal of approval.

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