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Tourism Offices

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  • Balcón de Bizkaia Plaza, 2

  • Martín Mendia, 2

    • Teléfono fijo: 946802976

    Balmaseda's tourism office

    Enkartur head offices Balmaseda
    Services: Tourist information of Balmaseda and the region of Encartaciones Tourist information of Bizkaia and Basque country Merchandising and agro-food products Guided tours Fre… Leer más ›
  • Bº Ambasaguas 22

    • Teléfono fijo: 946806928
    You can obtain further information about the Valley to discover the hidden secrets of Karrantza. Leer más ›
  • Plaza Carmen Quintana, 6

    • Teléfono fijo: 946104028
    The tourist office will provide magazines, maps , guides, etc . .. To enjoy more if it´s possible of Sopuerta. The office attends about accommodation in… Leer más ›

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