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Cultural heritage

Buildings, strongholds and bridges

  • Pico El Cerco

    • Teléfono fijo: 946 80 29 76
    You are about to travel back to the 4 th century BC, to a  hillfort from the second  Iron Age that has remained almost unchanged to this day. The hillfort is situated on a small elevation (320 … Leer más ›
    • Teléfono fijo: 946 802 976 E
    The Medieval Age saw the valleys of Enkarterri dyed red with blood. The countless tower-houses that are dotted throughout the region bear witness to bloody internal fighting between rival fiefdom… Leer más ›
  • Indiano mansions

    Luxury houses
    Most of the houses remain inhabited and, therefore, well preserved. The celebrated ‘indiano’ mansions were built in the twilight of the 19 th century by former neighbours who had made a fortune in the Americas and then came back to flaunt their wealth – a competition of precious extrava… Leer más ›
  • C/ Funicular

    La Reineta funicular

    Old coal transport Trapagaran
    It is a railway for large slopes that was inaugurated on September 25, 1926 to communicate the mining village of La Arboleda with Trapagaran. Dedicated both for the traffic of goods and for … Leer más ›
  • Oficina de Turismo Enkartur

    • Teléfono fijo: 946 80 29 76

    Middle aged Towers

    Protection and status Balmaseda
    During the Early Middle Ages , the most powerful families in Las Encartaciones, grouped into classes and headed by an older member of the family or a Lord converted the area into a blood bath whe… Leer más ›
    • Teléfono fijo: 946 80 29 76

    Way of St. James

    Two routes
    Are you thinking of doing the Camino de Santiago? The Jacobean route through Enkarterri is vertebrate in two paths: the Northern Way or the Way of the Coast and the mountain route.   The… Leer más ›

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