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  • Basquemountains

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  • Pozalagua Caves

    A guided visit allows us to access the interior of the cavity where we can admire in all its magnitude the richness of this geological gem.

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  • The Loizaga Tower

    Nestled amongst green mountains, the magnificent Loizaga Tower hides inside an unrivalled collection of Rolls-Royces.

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  • Balmaseda

    When in 1199, D. Lope Sanchez de Mena, Lord of Bortedo, gave jurisdiction to Balmaseda was recognizing from a legal perspective a reality.

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  • La Arena Beach

    La Arena Beach, located in the municipalities of Muskiz and Ziérbana, is one of the most important natural sites on the left-hand side of the Las Encartaciones district.

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  • Armañón Natural Park

    Located to the west end of Bizkaia, the Armañon Natural Park constitutes a relevant mountain massive in the landscape of Las Encartaciones.

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  • Sopuerta Adventure

    It is the first adventure park in the trees of the Basque Country.

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