Laugar Brewery

Craft beer

Laugar was founded in 2010, when a group of friends started brewing as a hobby, thirsty for change in a local beer scene monopolized by industrial beer. Soon after that they moved to the town of Gordexola and began professional production in 2014, with a simple yet powerful philosophy: Quality should always go ahead of quantity. Laugar produces.


Kiskale beer

A dark, mahogany-coloured, medium-bodied beer with spicy and liqueur notes. Delicious, creamy and silky from start to finish.

❱ Alc/vol: 7,3%

❱ Type: Brown Ale


EPA! beer

A pale, refreshing beer with a predominance of citrus and floral flavors and aromas. Dry, bitter and with a long aftertaste.

❱ Alc/vol: 5,2%

❱ Type: Euskal Pale Ale

Available products:

Available products:



Barrio Zubiete 42
48192 GORDEXOLA (Bizkaia)


Mobile: (+34) 675 141 372