Baserri Taboada Rural House 

Tradicional structure farmhouse located in a rural area inland Bizkaia, in the beautiful region of Las Encartaciones. The house is divided into two. Each part of the house is equiped with three bathrooms, a kitchen and a "txoko" with television. Moreover, Taboada is surrounded by a 20.000 sq-metre terrain with garden furnishings, two garages and a wide parking area.



Barrio Allende 4 (Iratzagorria)
48192 GORDEXOLA (Bizkaia)


Phone: (+34) 944 499 231
Mobile: (+34) 665 747 483

Schedule / Notes

Registry Number: XBI00014

The whole house or average is rented

Services / Extra information


  • 12 televisions
  • Two garages
  • Parking