Zierbenako III. Txakurkrosa

Kadeo neighborhood

The canicross returns to Enkarterri! Zierbena will celebrate on February 9 the third edition of his popular Txakurkrosa, scoring for the Euskadiko Txakurkros League (ETL).

But what is canicross? It is a veteran sports discipline in Europe and that begins to make its way into our land. It consists, summarizing it a lot, in running with a dog tied to the runner's waist by means of a special shooting harness. Now, canicross is much more than running with a dog.

It allows us to exercise, strengthen the bond with our faithful companion and improve their own physical condition and discipline it. The habitual thing is that the animals weigh more than 20 kilos and it is necessary to have at all times present their well-being, avoid pulls, etc.

That is why the Zierbenako Txakurkrosa trophy requires that dogs be at least 1 year old, the chip placed and that they be properly vaccinated.

February 2020 9

From: February the 9 | 11:00
Until: February the 9 | 16:00




Barrio Kardeo
48508 ZIERBENA (Bizkaia)