The Güeñes Inernational Paper Dress Competition

Art and Fashion on Paper

The dresses must be made only and exclusively of paper, hand or machine sewn (the only reinforcement allowed on the dress is unglued paper binding). The use of adhesives, staples and the like is prohibited. No variety of paper (plastified, metallic, etc.) is not allowed. If used, this will be penalized and the garment will not compete for a prize. Please enquire with the organizers beforehand about any doubts. Decorations and accessories must also be made or lined only in paper. The use of sprays or paints are allowed to colour the paper or add sheen.

September 2020 19

From: September the 19 | 21:00
Until: September the 19



Plaza Galdotxa Arana
48840 GÜEÑES (Bizkaia)


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