San Cosme and San Damian

The high of San Cosme, in Gordexola, celebrates on September 26 the most important pilgrimage of this valley. It is an unparalleled holiday in which participants raise their own wooden cabins, which often touch perfection and go on to compete in a competition subject to strict aesthetic standards.

San Cosme and San Damián could well go through an architectural competition if it weren't for the extraordinary festive atmosphere that surrounds it. A spectacle of color and vitality enlivened by endless activities. Popular banquets, music, dances and much more with an unbeatable backdrop: the majestic environment offered by the recreational area of ​​San Juan de Berbíquez.

September 2020 26

From: September the 26
Until: September the 26 | 23:59


Barrio de San Cosme
48192 GORDEXOLA (Bizkaia)