Balmaseda, The Living Passion Play

A Small Town’s Passion

Jealous of their tradition, the people of Balmaseda turn each Holy Week in the representation of the last moments of the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

It would perhaps be impossible to find a better definition of all that happens in the town of Balmaseda during that period of time we call “Semana Santa”, or “Holy Week”. And, should each one of these words have a beautiful ring to them when pronounced separately, then, together, they peal the following words out with unrivalled clarity and force: “Living Passion”. Every year, the inhabitants of Balmaseda, jealously maintaining their tradition, enthusiastically throw themselves into the dramatic representation of this Passion Play dealing with the last moments in the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

Visiting Times for theLiving Way of the Cross:

  • Holy Thursday at 9.30 pm (Last Supper).
  • Holy Friday at 9.30 am (Way of the Cross).


But the Living Passion Play is not the only token of popular fervour to be displayed in Balmaseda. Different processions with decorated floats also play their part in the deeply religious feeling that pervades the town every Thursday and Friday of Holy Week.

  • The “Float Procession” – 7 pm. It takes place every Thursday evening of Holy Week. The decorated floats gather together and parade, separately from the traditional floats, joining the Pharisees and penitents who escort the procession.
  • The “Burial Procession” – 7 pm. It takes place on every Friday evening of Holy Week. Actors and actresses who have taken part in the previous day’s Passion Play and processions will walk alongside the float. Amongst the characters we will see will be Mary Magdalene, the Virgin Mary, Veronica, the Apostles plus many more of the characters who have taken part in that morning’s play.
  • The “Procession of Silence” – 9.30 pm. It takes place during the night of the Friday of Holy Week. This deeply traditional procession attracts many people who, escorted by the Pharisees, accompany the figures of “Christ of the Cemetery” and “The Lady of Sorrow” in total and sepulchral silence to Christ’s final resting-place in hallowed ground.




Purchase your tickets on the website of the Association of the Via Crucis de Balmaseda. Choose the representation you want to go to, select your locations using the map shown, pay the tickets, and enjoy The Living Passion Play most famous of Basque Country.


April 2020 9 From
April 2020 10 Until

From: April the 9 | 19:30
Until: April the 10 | 14:00