The Itsaslur walk

A walk on the cliffs

The Itsaslur Walk is an old railway line that has been reformed for walkers and which coincides with the Coastal Route of the Camino de Santiago (St. James’ Way). Throughout the walk, which is over 2 km long, we can enjoy some of unrivalled views of the coast bathed by the southern waters of the Bay of Biscay, locally known as el Cantábrico, together with numerous remains from its mining history.

The route begins in the car park of the La Arena beach in the Pobeña area. From here we can see the lower part of the Barbadún salt marshes, where egret, heron, cormorants etc. are free to roam, when the people allow them to. Beside the car park we also find the Nuestra Señora del Socorro hermitage, surrounded by holm oaks. On the opposite side, beside some houses, is the start of a path leading to the Itsaslur cliffs.
On this first stretch we will have to climb a short distance before the path levels off. Once we have done the climb, we reach the walk proper, carved into the rock in these early metres. We shortly come to a spring and at one of the first bends we are offered a magnificent view of the La Arena beach.
We continue along a concrete path until reaching a fork. At this point we have the choice of visiting the metal ore loading bay to the right or to continue straight along the left-hand path.

The route is clear and there is no way we can get lost. We then only have to follow the coastline until the end.
However, we should mention that we will find remains of another activity that used to be typical in the area - seaweed gathering.
At the pathside to our right, we get a close-up view of the pulleys that until recently were used to pull the seaweed up the cliff.
The walk is dotted with benches, springs and panels explaining the plant and animal life, the geology of the area, etc. At the end of the walk we come to a recreation area where we can take a rest before making our way back. Next to this area, we can see the remains of past mining activities.

From here we can return to Pobeña by bus or by taking the path that leaves to the left of the car park beside the aforementioned recreation area, which takes us back to our starting point, thus completing a circular route.

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Acceso desde los barrios de Pobeña y Kobaron
MUSKIZ (Bizkaia)

Services / Extra information

❱ Distance: 2,25 km.
❱ Duration tour: 50 min.
❱ Difficulty: Low.
❱ Type of layout: Linear.
❱ Start: Pobeña.
❱ Finish: Kobaron.