Itsaslur, a walk along the cliffs


Itsaslur is a spectacular promenade hanging over the cliffs of the Gulf of Biscay, in the municipality of Muskiz. The route matches that of the Coastal Route of the Camino de Santiago and is very well signposted.

Itsaslur was formerly a railway track for the mining industry, of which traces can still be found along the walk. There are also remains like pulleys of another typical activity of the area: the collection of algae. The pulleys were used to lift the loads of these plants up the cliff.

In terms of historical heritage, it is worth mentioning the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Socorro, which will greet the visitor at beginning of the route, surrounded by holm oaks.

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Pobeña, Kobaron (Muskiz)
MUSKIZ (Bizkaia)

Services / Extra information

❱ Distance: 2,25 km.
❱ Length: 50 min.
❱ Difficulty: Low.
❱ Start: Pobeña.
❱ End: Kobaron.