La Arena Beach

Muskiz - Zierbena

La Arena Beach stands out as one of the most important natural sites in the region. It is the second largest beach in Biscay, stretching alongisde the coastline of Muskiz and Zierbena for over a kilometre (or 0.6 miles).

The beach makes a wonderful spot for all water sports enthusiasts. It is regarded as a favourite surfing destination in the Bay of Biscay. Diving has gained popularity as well and is now of the most widely practised sports here. The weather may even invite sun-bathing or to walk for the itsaslur route

Plus, the beach undergoes an impressive transformation depending on the tides, making for a must-see natural spectacle. A dramatic land-reclamation happens at low tide.

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Zierbena y Muskiz

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La Arena Surf Center
Surf school and center
Bº La Arena, 21. 48508 Zierbena
Tfno: 946 366 381