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Natural spaces

Beaches and mountains

  • Centro de Interpretación del Parque Natural de Armañon

    • Teléfono fijo: 946 560 079

    Armañón Natural Park

    Turtzioz - Karrantza
    Located in between the municipalities of Karrantza and Turtzioz , the karst lands and hills of the Armañón Natural Park are covered by fertile green pastures. Cattle and sheep can be seen … Leer más ›
  • Muskiz - Zierbena - Abanto-Zierbena - Galdames - Sopuerta - Artzentales

    Burdinmendi Green Route

    Old miner´s road
  • Pobeña, Kobaron (Muskiz)

    Itsaslur is a spectacular promenade hanging over the cliffs of the Gulf of Biscay , in the municipality of Muskiz. The route matches that of the Coastal Route of the Camino de Santiago and is ver… Leer más ›
  • Zierbena y Muskiz

    La Arena Beach

    Muskiz - Zierbena Zierbena
    La Arena Beach stands out as one of the most important natural sites in the region. It is the second largest beach in Biscay, stretching alongisde the coastline of Muskiz and Zierbena for over … Leer más ›
  • Monte Kolitza • Subida desde la Plaza de San Severino

    Mount Kolitza

    Montain to warn Balmaseda
    Mount Kolitza deserves its own entity between the summits of Enkarterri and Bizkaia. Its altitude meters offer an impressive 360-degree panorama aboveBalmaseda and the surrounding valleys.… Leer más ›
  • Peñas de Ranero

    Pozalagua Cave

    Best Corner Respsol Guide (2013) Karrantza
    Locals from the valley of Karrantza thought they were being fooled. On 28 December 1957, the country’s own April Fool’s Day, a blowing-up in the Donoso Quarry opened a hole in the mountain… Leer más ›
    • Teléfono fijo: 946 338 097

    Triano Mountains

    Iron mountains

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