The Villaverde Valley Ethnographic Centre 

Valle de Villaverde (Cantabria)

The old school building in Villaverde Valley houses an Ethnographic Centre that offers the visitor a chance to travel in time back to our ancestors’ daily lives. Do not fail to drop by and enjoy this funny opportunity to learn charcoal and cider making, how sawmills used to work or simply find out the routines of life inside a period home.

Humans and nature have intertwined here for centuries. Nature shaped the course of daily lives and the diversity of local traditions and landscapes. The Villaverde Valley Ethnographic Centre emerged from an effort to defend natural heritage, and to that end it has rescued a set of historical records that provide an accurate testimony to rural life in days of yore.

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La Matanza Auzoa, 4
Valle de Villaverde
39880 (Cantabria)


Phone: (+34) 946 809 108

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(+34) 946 809 005.