San Andrés de Biañez paintings

Inside a 15th-century church

The paintings emerged behind an altarpiece during restoration work

They were discovered by chance, inside San Andrés de Biañez church – a fabulous collection of Renaissance paintings depicting scenes from the Passion, the martyrdom of the saints or the Last Supper

Some Masonic symbols were found along the paintings when the altarpieces were disassembled for restoration, in the 1990s. Behind, on the 15th-century walls, the diluted paintings emerged in their breathtaking elegance.

The building is marked by a pointed Gothic portal and a magnificent rib vault extended to cover an opened chevet (or a sort of apse). It’s the wall paintings, though, that make up the charming singularity of the place – dazzling depictions of the Passion in white, black and red, with crude strokes, probably dating from 1535.

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Iglesia San Andrés de Biañez
Bº Biañez
48891 KARRANTZA (Bizkaia)


Phone: (+34) 946 806 928

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