Las Encartaciones Museum

The Abellaneda House of Assembly

A journey through the history of Encartaciones.

The former Abellaneda House of Assembly provides chronological insights into the history and life of the region and its inhabitants. The economy or the social and cultural peculiarities are explained here in a way both regular visitors and scholars will find equally compelling.


The Abellaneda House of Assembly

One of the most emblematic buildings in the region, the Assembly held such reunions that may be regarded as an early form of democracy. It is difficult to determine when the meetings began. What we know for sure is that hidalgos (members of the nobility) representing their extended families already convened by the Late Middle Ages around centennial trees.

Later on, perhaps to mark the geographical centre of the county, the encounters where moved to this magnificent edifice and broadened representation. The original age and look the building are not completely known – although the shield displayed on the main façade dates from 1635. The current museum is the result of a thorough restoration process carried out in the 20th century, when a further store and the battlements were added – giving the place a fortress appearance, which it never had.

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