A park filled with sculptures

The observer will linger in contemplation – such is the sense of beauty and tranquillity the park brings

The former gardens surrounding the Town Hall mansion in Güeñes have been transformed into this wondrous park. ARENATZarte covers 1.5 hectares (over 3 acres) full of 100-year-old trees and fine pieces of artwork. The walking paths allow for pleasurable strolls under the shade of the majestic trees – an unbeatable setting to walk, read or just sit by in contemplation, tucked away in the heart of the park.

In ARENATZarte nature or art do not prevail one over the other, but interpenetrate and blend together to make up a unique picture. The sculptures sit on the gardens amid the trees and flower beds, whereas a stylish crystal building is home to paintings and smaller works. The park permanently exhibits the first-class creations of Koldobika Jauregi, Ángel Garraza, Vicente & Fernando Roscubas, Mikel Lertxundi and Mari Jose Rekalde.

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Enkarterri Kalea, 5
48840 GÜEÑES (Bizkaia)


Phone: (+34) 946 802 976
Mobile: (+34) 649 890 320

Schedule / Notes

❱ ARENATZarte can be visited at any time free.
*Guided tours under reservation

Services / Extra information

❱ Workshops for school groups. An opportunity for the little ones to enjoy art through games and activities.