Route: Zalla - Balmaseda

The march begins in the gardens of the Palace of Murga, current City Hall. After visiting this enclave, we leave it for its westernmost part, which moves away from the urban center of Mimetiz, looking for an avant-garde building with curved lines and large dimensions, the Zalla zine-antzokia.

We continue the march along the Lehendakari Aguirre Avenue, which will offer us the vision of a centennial Victorian-style teaching center, the Marist San Miguel School, governed until 1994 by the Irish Mothers. Then, we find the residential neighborhood of San Pedro and, just beyond this area, we will reach one of the most important enclaves of this route, the whole of San Pedro Zarikete.

Only a few meters after leaving Zarikete, on the other side of the road and the train tracks, starts a rehabilitated road. It is an old medieval road that once covered the route from Burceña to Balmaseda. We will enter the recreational area of ​​Bolunburu. In this place, which has complete services for rest and enjoyment, we will see a wooden bridge from which a bidegorri starts. From there we can access other places of interest, such as the “Campa de las Brujas” or the “Castro de El Cerco de Bolunburu”, the largest archaeological site in the municipality. But we will leave the bridge on the left to continue along the main road. Here the Bolunburu area shows us its historical ensemble: firstly the ruins of some ironworks and an old mill, and, soon after, in its widest part, the hermitage of Santa Ana and the Tower House of Bolunburu.

Continuing along the road, we reach the urban core of La Herrera, one of the five that make up the municipality of Zalla. We will see at the top the church of Santa Isabel, until reaching the height of the old Taramona Schools, now rehabilitated and located inside another recreational area. At that point a paved road starts, which later becomes a bidegorri that runs parallel to the course of Cadagua. Here we will find the tower house of Terreros and, later, the historic complex of La Mella, which, within a beautiful wooded environment, shows us the hermitage of San Antonio de Padua and the Urrutia Palace House. A few meters later we enter the periphery of the neighboring municipality of Balmaseda, the first town of Bizkaia (founded in 1199), from where the route continues to take the visitor through all of his valley to the historic center of the municipality. There you can visit, among other monuments, the church of San Severino (XV century), the Town Hall (baroque building, although in a classicist style) or the well-known Old Bridge (the oldest testimony of the walled Balmaseda).

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inicio de la ruta en el Palacio de Murga (actual ayuntamiento de Zalla)
C/ Kosme Bibanko, 2
48860 ZALLA (Bizkaia)

Schedule / Notes

❱ Distance: 7.6 km.
❱ Approximate time by bicycle: 2 h.
❱ Approximate trekking time: 4 h.
❱ Difficulty: Low.