Sea flavours


Do you want to learn how to cook a cod casserole with pilpil and proclaim yourself an authentic chef of our gastronomy? Or do you prefer to try a txipirones (baby squids) in its ink?

In the Batzoki of Zierbena you will learn to prepare all kinds of typical dishes with seasonal products (bonito, cuttlefish, mussels ...), their conservation techniques and many other secrets bequeathed generation after generation.

The experience takes place in the port of Zierbena, a cozy bay that still retains marine charm, with fishing boats and pleasure boats.

¿Quieres saber cómo llegar? Te lo indicamos.



Batzoki de Zierbena
El Puerto, 19
48508 ZIERBENA (Bizkaia)


Phone: (+34) 946 366 374


Schedule / Notes

❱ Available every day from 19:00 to 21:00 except Tuesdays.
*It´s necessary to book.

Services / Extra information

❱ Duration: 2 hours.
❱ Minimum group: 8 people.
❱ Maximum group: 14 people.
❱ Lenguages: spanish.


❱ General rate: €50 per person.