Discover the oldest town in Biscay

Guided tour in Balmaseda

The town of Balmaseda, the first founded in Bizkaia (year 1199), is located in a narrow gorge bathed by the Kadagua river. The historic center welcomes us across the Old Bridge and moves us back in time to a past of splendor.

In its cobbled alleyways the most diverse architectural styles coexist: churches, mansions, stately homes ... The church of San Severino and the town hall stand out, known as La mosque for its large Mudejar-inspired porch.

The Museum of History and the Interpretation Center of the Living Passion keep the traditions of the place alive and guide us through a journey dotted with secrets and surprises.

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Casco histórico
48800 BALMASEDA (Bizkaia)


Phone: (+34) 946 802 976

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Services / Extra information

❱ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.
❱ Mínimun group: 3 people or pay €30.
❱ The tour guide lenguages are spanish, basque and englis.
*It´s neccesary to book.


❱ Regular rate: €10.
❱ Childrens under 10 years: free.
❱ More than 8 people: €80.
*VAT not included.