A unique farmhouse in Euskadi


Enkarterri, land of records and particularities, has its own kind of cottage house, unique in the Basque Country. The so-called "caserío trucense" is a kind of hybrid house between Basque and Cantabrian farmhouses that emerged in the mid-18th century in the surroundings of the Agüera River.

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Phone: (+34) 946 802 976

Schedule / Notes

❱ Minimum group: 4 people.

Services / Extra information

❱ Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes.
❱ Lenguages: basque and spanish.
*It´s necessary to book.


❱ General rate: €10 per person.

❱ Reduced rate: €80 (total price for more than 8 people).

❱ Kids under 10: free.

*VAT not included.