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Restaurants a la carte

  • Barrio Aretxaga 16

    • Teléfono fijo: 946 390 679
    • Móvil: 626 163 542


    Zalla Zalla
    The Aretxaga Restaurant is located in the historic Aretxaga quarter in Zalla , a place with a renowned farming tradition. Surrounded by its own vineyards and farmhouse, it is an incomparable setting… Leer más ›
  • Bº Lanzasagudas, 17


    Karrantza Karrantza
    In our dining room we counted on a service of restaurant in that you will be able to order string beans in “putxera of the Encartaciones”, to taste our plates homemade and/or vegetarian food or … Leer más ›
  • Bº Sandamendi, 41

    Komentu Maitea

    Gordexola Gordexola
    Fine dining is one of the highlights at Hotel Ibaia. The collective experience of an outstanding team of professionals, their attention to detail and excellent recipes combine to surprise guests a… Leer más ›
  • Barrio Revilla, 1. San Martín de Carral


    Sopuerta Sopuerta
    Placed in a spot of Sopuerta (Sosiego´s Valley), in the outskirts of Abellaneda´s Board House. You can enjoy the environment, while you are tasting your delightful varied menus. Traditional home… Leer más ›
  • Plaza de Pobeña s/n


    Muskiz Muskiz
    Mugarri Restaurant is located in an ideal setting by the beachside. At Mugarri you can enjoy unique recipes accompanied by the best wines. An entire orchestra of flavours and smells will make i… Leer más ›
  • EL PUERTO, 25


    Zierbena Zierbena
      Restaurant with traditional cuisine, specializing in seafood and fish from the Cantabrian. We have a café with a marine environment to taste our specialties as well as private dining ro… Leer más ›

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