Valle de Villaverde (Cantabria)

A Cantabrian settlement in Biscay, Villaverde Valley belonged to Encartaciones until the 15th century and has preserved deep ties to the county for this long.

The old school building in Villaverde Valley houses an Ethnographic Museum that offers the visitor a chance to travel in time back to our ancestors’ daily lives. Do not miss out on this funny opportunity to learn charcoal and cider making, how sawmills used to work or simply find out the routines of life inside a period home.

Hiking lovers will enjoy here like in no other place for its abrupt geography and the dense Tejea wood. A path flanked by majestic oaks, beeches and yews allows for a relaxing walk lulled by the sound of the nearby Agüera river.

For centuries an extraordinary wine has been produced in Villaverde Valley. Casona Micaela Winery makes a first-class sort from Albariño and Riesling grapes varieties, an excellent choice to be served with seafood.

This town shares with neighbouring Turtzioz its own sort of cottage, combining elements from Basque and Cantabrian country houses, such as large, flowery balconies. The route connecting both municipalities is filled with buildings showing this peculiar piece of architecture.

Valle de Villaverde (Cantabria)

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