Turtzioz shares with bordering Karrantza a portion of Armañón Natural Park and spectacular surroundings – not to mention a notable cultural heritage ranging from churches to its own sort of cottage

Next to the Gothic San Pedro de Romaña Church, the visitor will stumble upon one of the four little bullrings in town, a tradition of the area tracing back to the amateur bullfights that used to be held after mass in summer festivals and holidays.

Right across, on an exceptional setting, there sits La Puente Palace, from the late 18th century. The Basque government held inside this Baroque mansion its last cabinet meeting before going into exile in 1937, during the Spanish Civil War. Not too far from here the stroller will find a few other Baroque palaces and chapels, one of which – the cosy Trinidad hermitage – boasts an adjoining little bullring.

But, above the aforementioned, there stands out the building that makes this town distinctive: the Turtzioz cottage, its own sort of country house combining elements from Basque and Cantabrian farmhouses, like large, flowery balconies. Pando district offers a good many samples scattered over the mountainous lands.

A lookout will allow the observer to contemplate the allure of the surroundings. The Basinagre mill, built in the 18th century and still working today, conveys a sense of this town’s preindustrial strength. Lime was central to local economy as well and had a variety of uses – even pest control, in addition to construction and agriculture.

Despite such activities, this town has preserved an almost untainted natural heritage, as stockbreeding and agriculture constitute the core of local economy. Turtzioz shares with neighbouring Karrantza a share of Armañón Natural Park, which is home to a rich variety of wildlife, including a dense oak wood unrivalled in the province. Cows, sheep and horses can be seen grazing on the open meadows running up the abrupt hills – which, in exchange for the hiker’s effort, offer unbeatable panoramic views of the enchanting surroundings and the Agüera River.

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  • The Turtzioz cottage (a different and unique sort of country house)
  • Basinagre Mill
  • Hermitages and bullrings


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