This town is divided into a low area and the surrounding hills, where some of the districts are. At an altitude of 210 metres, Cadegal enjoys unbeatable views of Ortuella – a place full of traces revealing a mining past.

Many of the miners’ houses still stand upright, offering a charming picture to the observer. Not too far from here, the Peñas Negras (or Black Hills) Interpretative Centre is devoted to mining themes, right across Meaztegi golf course, a field players will take great delight in for its 104 hectares (256 acres) and fabulous location on a former mining camp.

Back down in the low area, the Apold-Fleisner furnace is testimony to a recent past of industrial prosperity. The furnace worked between 1961 and 1975 as an iron ore enrichment plant and is now a protected piece of regional industrial heritage. An ore washing plant and railway tracks lying beneath the complex used to transport iron to Altos Hornos, a metallurgical company that for years was considered the biggest corporation in the country, employing many local residents.

Industrial development has profoundly shaped the nature and character of this municipality, as many monuments (like that devoted to the miners) and the recent building of the local church (c. 1928).


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  • Peñas Negras (Black Hills) Environmental Interpretation Centre

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