Cozy medieval villa

Bordering with the largest municipality in the province there stands Lanestosa, ironically enough the smallest town in Biscay

Even if the smallest and least populated town in the region, the charming Lanestosa used to be a strategic settlement because of its location on the path from Burgos to the port of Laredo. As a result the place grew rich and scores of mansions and palaces now competing for the visitor's attention were built.

The Old Town consists of narrow, cobblestone alleys filled with balconied houses, and has something of a time travel experience. It preserves a medieval street structure, that is, three long, parallel ways cut by two side alleys. New buildings were added starting in the 17th century Colina Palace being the most representative, with Baroque paintings inside.

Although small, or because it is small, Lanestosa makes a charming place to sit and contemplate life. Plenty of paths traverse the town, flanked by breathtaking views. An old stone bridge connecting both riversides adds to the allure of the village.

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