Gateway to Encartaciones

Right next to Bilbao, Alonsotegi greets the visitor to Enkarterri. As it winds to an end, the Cadagua River flows through this gateway town surrounded by mountains. This is a place of steep but dissimilar terrain, with an altitude ranging from 50 metres (164 ft) up to 1 000 (3 280).

As you have already guessed, Alonsotegi is a must-see destination for nature lovers and hikers. At least two of the best-known mountains in the province stand around this municipality – Ganekogorta and Pasagarri. The latter keeps ice boxex dating from the 17th century, a kind of underground stores that used to gather snow in the cold months for a variety of summer uses such as cooling drinks, storing food and even treating fevers.

Alonsotegi offers more than landscaped views and a sinuous river. It is home to a number of churches and hermitages of great historical value. The San Antolín Chapel, dating back to the 15th century, is without a doubt an architectural jewel in which the neighbours take high pride. Although not as old, a small shrine consisting of a tiny altar set against the wall of a rock, and guarded by a small roof, is worth a visit as well. It boasts an exact copy of the original figure of John the Baptist – which is kept at the Serbian Orthodox Church in Belgrade.

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