Mining is closely tied to the history of this municipality, where a visit should be paid to the Basque Mining Museum. The place is filled with curiosities and treasures from the times and is located right on where Concha open-pit mine was. The impressive scenario will make the visitor marvel at the enthralling views. The museum emerged from an effort to preserve and spread the mining history of the region – an example of valour and hard work that still shapes the nature and character of its people.

Concha is not your average mine – it has indeed been named a national heritage site.  On top of it there once stood the town of Gallarta, which had to be moved to a nearby location so that the mineral riches lying underneath could be exploited. The newly founded town and the adjoining strip mine make up a breathtaking scenario guarded by mountains. The miners’ homes and an old hospital for employees remain upright and will give the visitor a sense of nostalgia.

At the turn of the 20th century the area endured social and labour unrest as it took in many immigrants looking for work in the mines. Hundreds of peculiar, built-in-a-hurry houses were erected to accommodate the new inhabitants. They are worth a visit, along with some stunning villas that belonged to more well-off neighbours.

Abanto-Zierbena is located a few kilometres east of Bilbao.


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