Sundial Calendar

The magic of astronomy

Sundial Calendar

Weighing in at 70 tons and at six meters high, the sundial calendar is made in stone, and since June 2008, accurately marks the months, time and minutes of Balmaseda.

Its architect, the biologist and stonemason from Galdames Manuel Gómez Arenaza, says that “this is a lesson in geometry, mathematics and astronomy.”

And it is multi-functional. On top, two symmetric clocks note the solar time in the morning and evening, respectively, and all without hands of a clock, since the sun does this for us, and accompanied by a calendar.

And also with engravings as homage to Las Encartaciones municipality’s towns and Biscay’s montes bocineros [horn-blower mountains] in a wind rose carved at the base along with Balmaseda´s three sister cities set in their geographic, circular location around the town.

And of course there is special mention of the municipality’s holidays throughout the year and tributes to people in science, like Kepler. In his honour two polyhedrons have been included facing southward to remember the advances made in the study of the universe’s behaviours.

Another clock presents numbers on the ground that correspond to the months of the year, and giving the hour at the moment the sun shines on the month it is in. But remember, the times are solar times, so they are two hours and ten minutes ahead of our clocks.

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