The Old Bridge 

The most iconic place in Balmaseda

The Puente Viejo or Old Bridge, also known as La Muza, stands without a doubt as the most iconic place in Balmaseda – a symbol of the town and its rich commercial past.

The 15th-century bridge, built on the base of a previous wooden platform from the 12th century, has three unequal arches, the central one being much wider and slender. On top of one side there stands a turret with a loophole that allowed for the defence of the city.

The bridge marked indeed one of the gateways to the town and used to hold a customs post when such inner demarcations existed, as the Roman footpath that linked the inland with coastal Flaviobriga (Castro Urdiales) crossed the platform.

The bridge joins Cristo neighbourhood, or the former Jewish quarter, with San Lorenzo district.

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C/ Cristo, 1
48800 BALMASEDA (Bizkaia)