Middle aged Towers

Protection and status

During the Early Middle Ages, the most powerful families in Las Encartaciones, grouped into classes and headed by an older member of the family or a Lord converted the area into a blood bath when they fought each other in the socalled “factional fights”.

In order to fix their residence, the Elders found themselves obliged to construct buildings for military purposes which served as a refuge in the face of frequent attacks.

In strategic spots from which the trade routes and entrances to the valleys were controlled, the Tower Houses (Casas Torre) used to lie on the banks of the rivers which provided the power for the ironworks and the mills, which were the main sources of income for the nobles of the time. Also under the protection of the towers, farmhouses were built which led to the creation of an important financial group.

Consequently, from the 15th century on and despite the construction of numerous buildings, a large number of Tower Houses disappeared and those which remain have gradually lost their defensive appearance, in fact there now remain very few examples which show how imposing they must surely have been in past times.



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