La Reineta funicular

Old coal transport

It is a railway for large slopes that was inaugurated on September 25, 1926 to communicate the mining village of La Arboleda with Trapagaran.

Dedicated both for the traffic of goods and for people, the distance that this funicular travels in 10 minutes was traveled in an hour and a half before its construction, so it became an indispensable element for the life of the miners who lived in the town of La Arboleda, as well as for the transport of the fruit of their work, which meant a great advance and a substantial improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area.

Technically the Funicular de La Reineta is comparable to an automotive "inclined plane" of continuous cable, such as those used to transport iron ore. In an inclined plane, a steel cable or chain drags the wagons, so that the weight of the loaded wagons makes the gaps rise. In the funicular, this type of traction, for total safety, was supplied with the electric automotive system, built in Switzerland in 1926 by the Brown Boveri House.

It is installed in the La Reineta station. The plans of both stations came out of the hand of the architect Diego de Basterra. The inclined planes moved by a double track or by a central detour. The Funicular adopted the simple track system, and it crosses halfway without moving elements. It emphasizes its historical value and its social function, as well as the design adaptation that was made in it so that it could serve for the transport not only of people, but also of loading of ore and vehicles.

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