La Mella historical site

The beautiful chapel of San Antonio de la Mella presides over this monument site located in Zalla, in a hollow surrounded by River Kadagua. It is a rare example of a private funerary chapel in Biscay. La Mella monument site was once made up of the chapel, the Urrutia palace, the Terreros tower, two forges, a mill and several houses. Most of it -and of its charm- is still preserved.

The complex is located very close to the Bolunburu recreational area and an Iron Age settlement. It is a beautiful area washed by River Kadagua and covered by lush forests. The road and the bike lane that connect Zalla and Balmaseda pass through the area.

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Junto al área recreativa de Bolunburu
48860 ZALLA (Bizkaia)


Phone: (+34) 946 802 976