Indiano mansions

Luxury houses

Most of the houses remain inhabited and, therefore, well preserved.

The celebrated ‘indiano’ mansions were built in the twilight of the 19th century by former neighbours who had made a fortune in the Americas and then came back to flaunt their wealth – a competition of precious extravagance that has lasted up to the present

The New World attracted many neighbours from Gordexola in search of a brighter future. Argentina, Cuba and Mexico gathered a greater number of Gordejolanos than any other destinations. Those who had made a fortune would later return and invest the profits in shipbuilding and iron and steel works.

The nouveaux riches lived in the city but nonetheless erected around twenty majestic mansions in Gordexola – a matter of pride and competition, and an excellent vacation spot for the summer.


The mansions of Indians today populate the valleys of Gordexola, Lanestosa and Karrantza, although they can be seen specimens throughout the region.

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