Santa María Church

Historical Heritage of Biscay

Its construction lasted throughout the sixteenth century

The Church of Santa Maria de Gueñes is an excellent example of how in past centuries Christian communities, not only urban but also rural, built even above their needs and possibilities.

In his extensive biography knows two styles: Gothic, staggered and compartmentalized initial approach (first tranche and the cover) and the Renaissance, unitary solution columnar church or church hall (rest of the temple).

The church is of monumental porte, where we always have great work comfortably accommodated due to the graves of the neighbors, which was that, after all, oriented on the dimensions of the temples.

It is documented that passage Gueñes works lasted a century, the sixteenth century in particular, since in the early stages of it is open the foundations of what would become the header and first section.

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Plaza Euskadi, 7
48840 GÜEÑES (Bizkaia)