The Medieval Age saw the valleys of Enkarterri dyed red with blood. The countless tower-houses that are dotted throughout the region bear witness to bloody internal fighting between rival fiefdoms. Such was their ferocity that the story of those factional battles has been passed down through the generations, until today.

The peace that brought an end to these battles gave way to a golden age. Livestock farming became the cornerstone of Enkarterri’s economy. Churches, convents and palaces were built, and leisure was taken into consideration for the first time, as evidenced by the small bullrings constructed alongside the temples to entertain the faithful after mass.

This picturesque sample of religious architecture can be found throughout the towns of Artzentales, Karrantza, Sopuerta and Turtzioz. It is worth noting the San Antolín complex, in Artzentales, and the church of San Pedro de Romaña, in Turtzioz.

San Pedro de Romaña church and bullring: photo by Javier Mediavilla / CC BY 3.0




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