An Iron Age settlement

Welcome to Zalla’s greatest treasure and one of the most outstanding Iron Age settlements in Enkarterri. This fortification dating from the 4th century BC is delimited by a Wall and an outer moat that protected the dwellings and other premises.

As of today, we know that those ancient inhabitants cultivated cereals and legumes, in addition to harvesting wild fruits, of which the charred acorns found inside the houses bear testimony. Many hand mills made of sandstone have been found in the surroundings. They may have been sold in the area by the dwellers of the settlement.

The settlement is located very close to the Bolunburu recreational area and La Mella historical monuments, both washed by River Kadagua.

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Pico El Cerco
48860 ZALLA (Bizkaia)


Phone: (+34) 946 802 976