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  • C/ Funicular

  • Abanto-Zierbena

    Mining landscapes
    Mining is closely tied to the history of this municipality, where a visit should be paid to the Basque Mining Museum. The place is filled with curiosities and treasures from the times and is located … Leer más ›
  • Right next to Bilbao, Alonsotegi greets the visitor to Enkarterri. As it winds to an end, the Cadagua River flows through this gateway town surrounded by mountains. This is a place of steep but dissi… Leer más ›
  • Artzentales may very well be regarded as the quintessential Basque rural town – hundreds of scattered cottages gathered in a plurality of distinctive districts, within a valley surrounded by rocky … Leer más ›
  • Balmaseda

    First town in Biscay, founded in 1199
    Balmaseda remained for centuries an economic powerhouse in the region – a strategic spot heavily dependent on trade and agriculture – until the opening of a new route to the inland in 1770. The p… Leer más ›
  • Enkarterri

    Next to Bilbao
    The westernmost tip of Biscay, Enkarterri (Las Encartaciones in Spanish) borders with Cantabria and Burgos, and comprises the following towns and villages: Abanto-Zierbena, Alonsotegi, Artzentales, Balmaseda, Galdames, Gordexola, Güeñes, Karrantza Valley, Lanetosa, Muskiz, Ortuella, Sopuerta, Tur… Leer más ›
  • A former mining rural town, Galdames evinces remnants of an industrial past. With no more than 1,000 neighbours, scores of dispersed cottages sit across the fields that once stored mineral riches and… Leer más ›
  • Life goes on placidly in this little valley loved by many for its tranquillity and location – 15 minutes away from Bilbao. The surrounding mountains and architectural heritage reveal a turbulent pa… Leer más ›
  • Like bordering Gordexola, Güeñes is home to many tower-houses bearing testimony to a violent past of factional fighting. De la Quadra Tower is perhaps the most representative sample, an outstanding… Leer más ›
  • Indiano mansions

    The New World attracted many neighbours from Gordexola in search of a brighter future. Argentina, Cuba and Mexico gathered a greater number of Gordejolanos than any other destinations. Those who had made a fortune would later return and invest the profits in shipbuilding and iron and steel works.… Leer más ›
  • Karrantza

    A natural paradise
    Nature is indeed the greatest treasure Karrantza has to offer. El Suceso Hill gives the observer a captivating view of the surrounding mountains and life down in the valley. This is perhaps one of th… Leer más ›
  • Even if the smallest and least populated town in the region, the charming Lanestosa used to be a strategic settlement because of its location on the path from Burgos to the port of Laredo. As a resul… Leer más ›
  • During the Early Middle Ages, the most powerful families in Las Encartaciones, grouped into classes and headed by an older member of the family or a Lord converted the area into a blood bath when they fought each other in the socalled “factional fights”. In order to fix their residence, th… Leer más ›
  • Muñatones Castle is perhaps the best-preserved bulwark in the Basque Country. The castle was the culmination of a long construction process, starting in the 14 th century amid the civil wars that r… Leer más ›
  • Many of the miners’ houses still stand upright, offering a charming picture to the observer. Not too far from here, the Peñas Negras (or Black Hills) Interpretative Centre is devoted to mining the… Leer más ›

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