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Family tourism

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  • Arangoiti Kalea 1 - 1D-1H

    Bizkaia Park Abentura

    Güeñes Güeñes
    Let the childrens of the house enter a world of pirates, climb trees or even a lighthouse, escape from the buccaneers' networks and slide down infinite slides while the elders spend time in the ta… Leer más ›
  • Karrantza
  • Parketxea Armañon • Barrio Ranero (Junto a la Cueva de Pozalagua).

    • Teléfono fijo: 946 560 079

    • Teléfono fijo: 946802976
    We present a tour of the most industrial Karrantza, which begins in the most unexpected place: an underground cathedral that extends through the bowels of the Armañón Natural Park. We refer to the … Leer más ›
  • Mendian Zaldiz • Bº El Castaño

    Pony ride

    Sopuerta Sopuerta
  • inicio de la ruta en el Palacio de Murga (actual ayuntamiento de Zalla) • C/ Kosme Bibanko, 2

    The march begins in the gardens of the Palace of Murga, current City Hall. After visiting this enclave, we leave it for its westernmost part, which moves away from the urban center of Mimetiz, lookin… Leer más ›
  • La Arena Surf Center • Bº La Arena 21, lonja 6


    La Arena beach Zierbena
    We have the top quality material designed to instruct our students with the best security. All of our teachers are graduated and they have great experience. The school has the most modern facil… Leer más ›
  • The challenge of secrets

    Karrantza Karrantza
  • Antigua fábrica de dolomitas

    Trivial in family

    Karrantza Karrantza

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